Long Time No News: hspace=10 What is the old saying about the cobblers children have no shoes? My dad is a programmer, and my mom the writer, and it's taken them 4 years to add to my website. Jeesh. Oh well. A lot has happened since then. I just turned 8 years old. I didn't feel different in the morning when I first got up, but I felt VERY different at the end of the day. I've celebrated 3 times already, and have another party to go on Easter Sunday with my mom's family. hspace=10 I got to bring cupcakes to school on Friday for my whole class, and then I had a party the next day at Pump It Up with most of the boys in my class. Mom made Penguins of Madagascar cupcakes. It was awesome. Then ON MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY, hspace=10 I got to go to spend 4 minutes in an indoor SKY-DIVING booth that's powered by a jet engine! I was a natural, or so they tell me! I'm exhausted after all of the fun activities! hspace=10